School of Character Process

For Enhancing School Culture and Achievement

Character Education helps students reach their full capacity and provides them with a foundation for success. Through the program, students grow in qualities such as respect, attentiveness, responsibility, self-control, truthfulness and compassion. In turn they gain self-confidence, improve their relationships, work harder, and behave better.

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Why Become a School of Character?

The positive focus:

  • assists administrators in establishing and implementing high standards,
  • energizes teachers and provide them with tools for building character,
  • brings out the best in students by building on their strengths,
  • has a positive effect on behavior and achievement.

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FREE Educator Bulletin and Activity Pages

Each month, the Character Council provides a free email bulletin for educators with methods and creative activities for integrating the character quality of the month into school curriculum. Click here to be added to the list. Click here to see all of the qualities and their FREE resources.

Professional Development for Educators

The Character Council offers workshops for teachers of all grades.

The “Success through Integrity” seminar on personal character development helps educators become excellent role models for their students. Through a series of engaging exercises, teachers and administrators identify their natural strengths and opportunities for growth.

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The “Creating Classrooms of Character” seminar is designed to improve classroom management skills and establish a community of learners. Participants learn best practices for enhancing culture in the entire school and in each individual classroom.

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National/State Schools of Character Awards Program

The National and State Schools of Character program, sponsored by (formerly CEP, The Character Education Partnership) is a free school improvement process which has offered self-assessment and expert feedback to U.S. schools and districts engaged in character education since 1998. The Character Council, in partnership with, offers the annual State Schools of Character (SSOC) awards in both Ohio and Kentucky to schools and districts with outstanding character education initiatives. Learn more about applying for the SSOC/NSOC awards by downloading the SSOC application. Next deadline is December 2018.

Current Schools of Character

Current Colleges of Character

What Our Clients Are Saying

"Our teachers have always tried to instill qualities like respect and responsibility in our students. But the focus on one specific character quality each month has brought a cohesiveness to our school. All teachers and all students are focused on the same value." Jan Robinson, teacher, Westwood School

"I believe the Character Council has provided the support needed to bridge character into our positive school culture plan. The character quality of the month and the support materials have been a crucial springboard to our developing a unique plan that has branded Rees E Price Academy as a place "Where Character Matters." Staff and students are recognized publicly and can easily speak the language in the day to day business of the school." Shelley Stein, Principal, Rees E Price Academy