Building Character

Through encouragement and positive reinforcement, the 49 character qualities will help to strengthen and grow the fabric of each of us, our families, and our communities. We follow the international calendar of character qualities as established by Character First.

Character Quality of the Month

Through a systematic focus, we learn about and grow in one character quality each month. Our lives provide multiple opportunities to grow in each quality. Over the course of four years of focus on all 49 qualities, with constant attention, our character is honed and strengthened.

Free Monthly Bulletins

Each month, the Character Council offers a free email bulletin promoting one character quality. The bulletins contain inspiring stories and quotes, I will statements, and updates from the Council.

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Seven Keys to Defining Character

It is the ultimate goal of all Communities of Character to encourage and help every citizen be a person of good character. The Character Council has developed The Seven Keys to Defining Character to define our views on how to "grow" good character.

Six Steps to Developing Character

The Character Council has developed a Six-step Process to help each citizen understand and incorporate good character into their lives. If you want to help others in your family, your organization and your community become more conscious of the traits and characteristics of good character, the steps will help you get the message across. Before you start, It's important to understand:

With this understanding in mind, you can help by employing all six steps.